We’re building a better workday

Our simple three-step process could save you $2,641 per employee per year through health interventions personalized to every employee. Track company-wide progress with our dashboard.

How Daybreak works

Diagnostic Survey

We survey each employee to identify and understand their individual workplace problems.

Personalized Health Programs

Each employee receives a personalized health program, addressing their individual needs.

Deliver Daybreaks

We integrate health interventions, Daybreaks, into the employee’s workday at times convenient to them.

Backed by science

Increased Productivity

86% of employees know that taking breaks makes them more productive.

Reduced Employee Turnover

46% of HR leaders say employee burnout is responsible for up to half of their annual workforce turnover.

Reduced Healthcare Costs

Burned-out employees cost an estimated $125 billion to $190 billion a year in healthcare spending in the U.S.

Connect us with HR to get started.

Share the name and email address of an individual in HR at your company to get Daybreak in your company. We’ll copy you in an email we send to them.