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Frequently Asked Questions

For Employers

What is Daybreak?

Daybreak is an online productivity tool that integrates personalized health interventions, Daybreaks, into your employees’ schedules, saving you money by increasing productivity, reducing employee turnover, and healthcare costs.

How does Daybreak work?

We work directly with your HR team to administer a diagnostic survey to your employees to understand the issues they experience in your workplace. Using their responses to the survey, we build personalized health programs for each employee, providing them with timely health interventions, in the form of Daybreaks, to address these issues. We provide you with an analytics dashboard to understand how your employees interact with Daybreak. All data is anonymized and aggregated so you cannot see individual employee statistics.

What does Daybreak include?

Daybreak includes access to the Daybreak Google Chrome extension for each of your employees, access to the Daybreak Analytics dashboard to track your company-wide progress and trends, and access to the aggregated, anonymized survey data filled out by all of your employees.

What are the scientifically proven benefits to mindfulness?

Our Science page comprises of scientific studies focused on mindfulness in the workplace and its benefits.


Do you have work-related meditations?

Yes, we have many meditations that are helpful in the workplace including ones focused on productivity, focus, and work stress.

How much does Daybreak cost?

For pricing, check out our Pricing page, or contact us.

Where can I learn more?

Contact us and let us know how we can help.

For Employees

What is Daybreak?

Daybreak gives you more break time every day, and personalizes what you do on those breaks to address issues you experience in the workplace, such as stress, eye strain, and lower back pain.

How does Daybreak work?

Daybreak provides you with short breaks during your workday, each of which address one or more the self-reported problems you experience in your workplace.

How many Daybreaks do I get every day?

Your employer chooses the total allocated Daybreak time you get every day. Your personalized health plan is developed in accordance with this allocated time. Usually, we recommend that employers allocate 30 minutes of Daybreak time per employee per day.

Can my employer see my Daybreak stats?

No, your employee will never has access to your personal data. Your data’s anonymity to your employee is a key priority for us in ensuring that we build a better workday for you. Your employee will only ever see your company-wide data, your data will be aggregated with all of your co-workers’ data and will be provided anonymously to your employer.

Where can I learn more?

Contact us and let us know how we can help.