We make your employees more productive

Our unique three steps process provides each of your employees with personalized health interventions to increase productivity and decrease stress at work.

Our Three Step Process

We build a better workday for your employees by understanding their individual issues in your workplace, and then, where possible, crafting personalized health interventions to address these issues, resulting in happier, more productive, and less stressed employees, positively impacting on your bottom line.

Conducting a holistic diagnostic survey

We work with your HR team to survey each of your employees to understand what issues they experience in your workplace, their demographic information, their experience and involvement to date with company wellness initiatives, and more. Their responses are anonymously aggregated and are provided to you, the employer, to aid your decision-making on future wellness initiatives, and to understand employee health trends. Individual employee data is never shared with you, only aggregated, anonymous data.

Provide each employee with a personalized health plan

We analyze each employee’s responses to our survey questions and use our algorithm to craft a personalized health plan for each employee. This health plan consists of Daybreaks (short, content-focused breaks during the workday) which each address one or more of the employee’s identified issues. The employee can track his or her progress in tackling these issues through our stats page to learn what Daybreaks work best for him or her.

Take Daybreaks throughout the workday

Your employees select times convenient for them throughout the day to take their Daybreaks. We deliver Daybreaks to your employees via our Google Chrome extension, in their web browser. Because your leadership is bought into Daybreak, employees feel comfortable taking short breaks throughout the day to invest in their mental and physical wellbeing. 

How your company benefits

Employees are more productive

More productive employees complete more work, and more work means more revenue.

Employees are less likely to leave

Happy employees, who avoid burnout, are far less likely to leave their job.

Reduced healthcare costs

With fewer burned-out employees, you’ll save on healthcare spending per employee.

Connect us with HR to get started.

Share the name and email address of an individual in HR at your company to get Daybreak in your company. We’ll copy you in an email we send to them.